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| 2018 Living Traditions Festival

May 18th - 20th, 2018
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2018 Living Traditions Festival! We all come together at Living Traditions to help preserve and celebrate the folk and ethnic traditions of our diverse community. Volunteers provide an invaluable service to the operation of this Festival and contribute to the spirit of Living Traditions. We couldn’t do it without YOU! Be a part of this spectacular spring event in Salt Lake City.

Volunteer Opportunities include positions assisting with:
Beverages (Non Alcoholic), Bocce Ball, Greeters, Grounds, Kids Area, School Day, and more!

To volunteer, please complete the application below. Shifts will be available to sign up for in the coming weeks. The Volunteer Manager, Brian Marquez, will contact you soon as to when shifts are available.

Volunteers receive fun and exciting benefits, such as festival t-shirts, soft drinks, and more! You also are supporting an amazing community event, which promotes amazing local ethnic artists and communities!

If you have any questions about our volunteer opportunities, please email Brian Marquez at volunteer@saltlakearts.org. General festival information is available at www.LivingTraditionsFestival.com.

NEW FOR 2018: Due to the high demand of Beverage Shifts, we will be limiting volunteers to two shifts in beverages.
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If I am accepted as a Salt Lake Arts Council Foundation (Arts Council) volunteer, I agree to perform the volunteer duties as specified on my selected job description, to the best of my ability and in a professional manner.


I agree to maintain the same strict confidentiality regarding my duties that is expected of paid staff. I agree not to take part in media interviews or speak with media outlets unless given approval from the Program Manager.


I acknowledge that all photos, video, and other media captured during volunteer projects is owned by the Arts Council and may be used for marketing purposes, or for any other purposes, at the Arts Council’s discretion. I hereby release any rights I might otherwise have regarding the creation or use of such media.


I hereby indicate my willingness to participate as a volunteer for the Arts Council and its events without compensation. As a volunteer, I will review and follow the Arts Council’s rules, regulations and policies, and will abide by all City, State and federal laws. I understand that a copy of the Arts Council’s rules, regulations, policies, are available to me to review at the volunteer check in area and is available from the Volunteer Manager via email upon request.


I acknowledge that, as an authorized Arts Council volunteer Utah law provides me with certain Worker’s Compensation benefits and liability protections while I am performing the functions set forth in my volunteer job description under the directions and supervision of the Arts Council. I also recognize that such Worker’s Compensation benefits and limitations of liability are narrow and of a limited nature. In consideration for being allowed to participate as an authorized Arts Council Volunteer, I freely assume any and all risks that fall outside the limited protections provided for volunteers under State, federal or local law. I understand that the policy can be reviewed at the volunteer check in area upon request.

I agree to limit my volunteer activities to those expressly authorized in connection with the volunteer position I have been assigned. If I observe any unusual significant hazard during my volunteer participation, I will remove myself from such participation and will immediately bring such to the attention of the Volunteer Manager.

I will not perform any professional services in my capacity as a volunteer unless (1) I am certified, licensed, or otherwise qualified to provide such services, and (2) I have received express authorization from the Volunteer Manager and any pertinent Department or Program head to perform such services.

I hereby indicate my willingness to participate as a volunteer for Salt Lake Arts Council Foundation, and I release the Arts Council, its agents and employees from any liability or obligation arising from or connected with my volunteer activities other than as stated above and to the extent permitted under applicable law. I hereby certify that I have read, understood and agreed to the above conditions.

I understand that the Salt Lake Arts Council Foundation may terminate my volunteer contract at any time based on not meeting the expectations of the job descriptions and guidelines outlined in this document.

By signing, I acknowledge my understanding that the volunteer positions for which I have applied are all unpaid positions. I also authorize the verification of any or all information I provide. I certify that the information contained in this application is true and complete. Any misstatement or omission of material facts may subject me to disqualification or dismissal.
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